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October 2010 Dental & Medical Missions – Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Ecuadent Foundation teamed up with Fortune Management’s Platinum Circle group to conduct a volunteer dental mission in Esmeraldas Ecuador. Twenty one volunteers traveled from various parts of the U.S. to take part in this initiative. Though this was the group’s first volunteer dental mission, it was indiscernible considering their great teamwork, work ethic and the volume of children they treated. Ecuadorian Naval dentists also joined the initiative to support our cause.

A pediatrician traveled with the team and operated a small pediatric clinic. They examined/treated 182 children for various conditions (though primarily for dermatologically related problems).

Ecuadent provided a small surgical component (comprised of 10 volunteers) to this week-long volunteer initiative. Ecuadent’s surgical team provided 25 surgical procedures for 19 children. Treatments included repair for cleft lip & palate, burn contractures, and other congenital deformities.

Dental Mission results (Platinum Circle Group)

718 Children

Cleanings: 480
Fluoride Treatments: 436
Extractions: 305
Restorations: 393
Sealants: 1299
Other: 57

Total Procedures: 2,970

Medical Mission Results:

19 Children


Cleft Lip – 6
Cleft Palate – 11
Fistula Repair – 4
Rhinoplasty – 1
Partial Hypospadias & penile skin avulsion – 1
Neurofibroma – 1
Scar revision (z plasty & umbilical plasty) – 1

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