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Medical & Dental Mission to Puyo, February 2015

Medical Mission February 19, 2015 – March 1, 2015

Over four surgical days our team treated a total of 53 patients. We corrected a number of congenital differences, including 6 cleft palates, 3 cleft lips, 4 polydactyl/syndactyl, and 4 vascular malformations. We also performed 9 nasal surgeries, 14 excisions of tumors or keloids, 5 reconstructions, and 8 burn scar revisions.

Dental Mission, February 26, 2015- March 7, 2015

Over five treatment days our dental volunteers were able to treat 556 children with 2,823 procedures which included 425 cleanings, 459 fluoride treatments, 1,127 sealants, 567 restorations, 211 extractions, and 34 other dental procedures.

Our volunteer pediatric orthodontist successfully created 6 appliances for children, three of whom suffered from inoperable cleft palate who can now eat and talk with an artificial palate appliance.

Medical Teaching Mission, February 26, 2015 – March 7, 2015

Three American radiologists provided lectures and practical training on topics in ultrasound, echography, and imaging to the local hospital staff. Our nursing professional instructed nurses on safe medication administration, infection prevention, leadership within nursing, and patient care. By teaching specialties to the hospital staff, our volunteers strived to empower local health professionals to serve their own people long after we return home.

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