2019 Medical Mission

We had the great privilege to treat 722 patients over all humanitarian aid work in the 2019 missions!

Surgical-Medical Mission to Esmeraldas

February 7 - 16, 2019

The medical team traveled to the northern coastal city of Esmeraldas for the medical mission from February 7-16, 2019. The levels of inequality and poverty are staggering and there is a continual need for humanitarian medical aid for the impoverished communities in this region. Most children with congenital conditions and deformities simply must learn to live with them and hope for the healthier future that is simply too far out of reach. Of all the beautiful stories about changing lives and improving health, one story will remain with us for a long time. Carlos, a 17-year-old Esmeraldas native, had been given cleft palate repair surgery by Ecuadent as a young boy and brought the same stuffed animal we had given him from that previous mission with him to triage day this year. He was so inspired by Ecuadent's mission and the Ecuadorian navy that he now aspires to join the Navy this year and hopes to help us on future missions as a Navy serviceman. It is one of many stories where the treatment we provide transcends individual cases and the love and altruism will be passed on to future generations.



Pediatric Clinic - Medical Mission

In addition to the week of surgery, we were lucky to have our bilingual pediatrician, Dr. Jeff and assistant Giselle, treating many children in a short week before he had to return to work. His exceptional work ensured that hundreds of children were treated with medicines and parents assured that they were doing a fantastic job taking care of their children through general checkups. Dr. Jeff spends time with both parents and kids to make sure that they understand the tenets of basic health and nutrition and how to avoid common illnesses.


Dental Mission to Salinas

February 14 - 23, 2019

The dental team returned to Salinas, on the southern half of the coast, where we have run our dental clinic over the past few missions. We were fortunate to treat new communities from the surrounding provinces. There were two touching highlights from the dental week. The first was a mother with two very young children that took an over 18 hour public bus ride from her home bordering the Amazon Rain Forest to the western-most point of the country to be treated by our loving team. She and her children were so grateful and her love and devotion to them brought tears to our eyes. The second highlight was on the first treatment day when we treated 74 special needs children that were in need of urgent care. They were among our most cooperative and grateful patients after they got out of the chairs.



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