October 2012 – Platinum Circle Dental Mission

October, 2012 – The Ecuadent Foundation again partnered with Fortune Management’s, Platinum Circle Mission Team to complete a mission in Ecuador. Also working in conjunction with the Navy of Ecuador, Ecuadent completed a Dental mission in the city of Salinas (Province Santa Elena), Ecuador. A total of 577 patients were treated during the 5 clinical days of the mission. This was the second dental mission that Ecuadent conducted in Salinas. The need for our services was great and our 19 volunteers worked long and hard to ensure that all the children triaged received the dental care they required.

The breakdown of the dental procedures performed are as follows:

Cleanings: 577
Fluoride Treatments: 418
Extractions: 102
Restorations: 880
Sealants: 820
Pulpotomies: 22
Other: 32

Total Procedures: 2,851